Buying Your Home Why be a Snowbird, Buy Your 2nd home in Paradise After the holiday season and the Groundhog shadow indicating six more weeks of winter, you envision flocking with the birds north and south to their favorite migration patterns. The snowbird mentality can come from too much snow in your yard, thoughts of beaches at Spring Break, or just the need for warmth or sunlight, but […]
Buying Your Home The First House You Call Home Buying a house to make your home for the first time has great returns emotionally and financially. Having a place to call home is a dream for many. The decision is considered the most significant purchase in most people’s lives. Do you know what to think when it comes to this purchase? Getting a great […]
Join Us Becoming a Real Estate Agent, What you Should Know   There are many terms in the real estate world. Agents and Brokers are the two types of real estate terms that most consumers do not understand. A real estate agent also holds a state license, which requires fewer education hours and a less rigorous exam than a broker’s. They also can represent buyers or sellers. […]
Buying Your Home What is Your New Year’s Resolution for Your Home? Another way to have a resolution that will benefit you and your family can start with where you call home. It can be a family resolution for a cozy, safe, or new space. It can be organizing the mud room or buying your dream home this year. We know New Year’s resolutions are personal, just […]
Our Communities Having Our Home Holiday Ready: Crib Edition   During the holidays, there are expectations about when to put up the Christmas tree, the best appetizer to bring, and what you can tackle before the holiday begins. From the smell of pies to the light twinking in the newly darkened sunset skies, the holidays come with fun, challenges, and the making of memories. […]
Buying Your Home Where to Buy a Haunted House?   We all know the houses in our neighborhood that scares us as children. Even the White House is considered a haunted house in the United States. Could you live in a haunted house, and even more importantly, how much would you spend?   Haunted House on Sale Right Now Six Houses in Ohio   1.     Springfield, […]
Living In Your Home Sweet Wings Recipes for the Fall Football Did You Know?   The average American eats 90 chicken wings a year.     We are sharing the top-wing recipes with honey. Chicken, vegan, and air fryer recipes included.   1.     Lemon Pepper Chicken Wings With Hot Honey Glaze         2.     Vegan Cauliflower Wings with Honey Garlic Sauce     3.     Sticky Honey Chicken […]
Buying Your Home Three Questions you should ask before buying!     1.     Are you planning to stay for more than five years?   Yes, answer question #2 No, you skip to question #3   2.     Are you in a financially stable position?   Yes, proceed to question #3. No, you should rent.   3.     Can you budget handle mortgage, taxes, maintenance, and other costs?   Yes, you should buy. […]
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Join Us Back-to-School List: Become A Realtor Why Becoming a Realtor Might be On Your Back-to-School List?   Now that we have a newfound love for our teachers and schools that hold our children during the day, not every parent is ready for an empty home each day. Families are expensive, and your family comes first, but being a realtor in your […]
Our Communities Tips for Selling Your Home During the Fall As the school year starts again and the Friday Night Lights shine across the evening horizon, the list of things you need to prepare during this time seems longer than the summer nights.   Changing the leaves brings some great sales and opportunities in real estate ventures.   Selling your home before the holiday and […]
Selling Your Home Seller’s List for Getting Your House Ready Are you outgrowing your home? If you have moved before, you can understand why many people do not sell their homes until they have no other choice. Everyone has a different line. However, we know being prepared and having a list can help organize the thoughts of selling our home to a more calming state, […]
Living In Your Home How to Stage a Backyard to Sell!   When people choose to buy a house, if a yard is on their wish list, you must show off your prospective property in a way that makes them love your backyard at first glance. As crucial to staging a house correctly, curb appeal and your yard can be your most significant selling point.   […]
Living In Your Home Cribs Edition Top Extravagant Vacation Homes! Cribs Edition Top Extravagant Vacation Homes!   Everyone’s idea of a great summer vacation home differs, but these homes are spa-like staycations—some people like water but not the sand. Many surveys ask if you like beaches or mountains better, but none of these properties below compromise on anything other than location. The 100% want list […]
Buying Your Home Closing to Keys To-Do List. There is so much to do when buying a house.   ERA Real Solutions Realty has created a buyer’s closing checklist. The list of things you need from close to getting the key to your new home. At the most exciting part of the process, there are a lot of errands and things you must […]
Buying Your Home First Steps to Buying a Home! Buying a home can be stressful. First Time Homebuyers or not, trends in society can be unpredictable, but if you start with this list as a guideline, the process becomes a checklist for each stage of the purchasing process.   How to Get to A Contract on a House?     Here are the things you […]
Buying Your Home The Complete Buyers Checklist from Search to Close Are you a fan of checklists?   The ERA Real Solutions Realty Buyers Checklist gives the buying client the full list of what is needed, from the first thoughts you want to buy to what to bring on the day of the closing to be prepared. Our realtors know this list well and can help […]
Living In Your Home How do your traditions evolve in your home Family traditions can come from our ancestry over the generations. Our homelands can have very cool practices, like food, dancing, and games, as our families grow by numbers, geography, or a crazy situation we can not control. Sharing these traditions always makes our homes feel full of love.   Did you know about these creative […]
Join Us Join a Team Building Growth for Over 50 years! Everyone wants to be with a company that is a cultural fit for themselves and the brand they wish to represent. The relationship between a company and its employees has changed in the last couple of decades. Becoming a realtor allows you to help your community grow and be on a team in the town […]
Buying Your Home Should You Buy or Rent Your Vacation House? When we talk about looking at vacation houses, my guess is that you are most start here: A google search:       But the real questions should start here:       One of the many dreams in real estate is having a home on the beach. HGTV has four shows starting with the word beach […]
Living In Your Home A House is A Not Home Without… a house is not a home   A house is just a physical structure, while a home is lived-in (often by a family) and full of memories. Says Wiki.   Have you ever asked someone what makes their house their home?   Everyone has a preference for their living space and what makes it comfortable. It […]