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Join Us Tips from the Best Remote Workers Around: Real Estate Agents For agents, there tends to be great comfort in knowing they have an office to use should they desire. Working remotely can have its advantages. The location never matters. Here are three great tips from real estate pros about working outside the office. Three Tips for Working from Anywhere! 1. Technology The internet is an […]
Join Us Is A Real Estate Career for you? Team ERA has designed some great tests to determine if becoming a realtor is the right career for you. By taking short quizzes, you can experience a day in the life of a real estate professional, which will help you determine if this might be a career for you. Take these three quizzes to see […]
Join Us Becoming a Real Estate Agent, What you Should Know   There are many terms in the real estate world. Agents and Brokers are the two types of real estate terms that most consumers do not understand. A real estate agent also holds a state license, which requires fewer education hours and a less rigorous exam than a broker’s. They also can represent buyers or sellers. […]
Buying Your Home What is Your New Year’s Resolution for Your Home? Another way to have a resolution that will benefit you and your family can start with where you call home. It can be a family resolution for a cozy, safe, or new space. It can be organizing the mud room or buying your dream home this year. We know New Year’s resolutions are personal, just […]
Join Us Back-to-School List: Become A Realtor Why Becoming a Realtor Might be On Your Back-to-School List?   Now that we have a newfound love for our teachers and schools that hold our children during the day, not every parent is ready for an empty home each day. Families are expensive, and your family comes first, but being a realtor in your […]
Join Us Join a Team Building Growth for Over 50 years! Everyone wants to be with a company that is a cultural fit for themselves and the brand they wish to represent. The relationship between a company and its employees has changed in the last couple of decades. Becoming a realtor allows you to help your community grow and be on a team in the town […]
Join Us Kay was honored! Cincinnati, OH (February 2022) — ERA Real Solutions Realty is pleased to recognize the appointment of Kay Edwards as Director of the CABR Board.     Kay was recently honored as the 2016 CABR Realtor of the Year. She supports Operation Sunshine and RPAC and has also served on various committees and as Chairman of […]
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